Entry #1

The Peckers

2015-02-01 10:58:09 by CelebralPanels

This is from my recently started project: The Peckers

The basic idea is to make a not so politically correct comic, but with heroes, vilians, fantasy, sci-fi and all that good stuff! I am going to use this thread to upload all my Pecker-related art. As of now im trying to do some traditional concepts and i would apreciate any feedback or critique!

The heroes of my story will be The Peckers!

The Heroes of my story, The Peckers!


Fighting against the Cruel Ultra Negative Trolls!

Beware of the Cruel Ultra Negative Trolls


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2015-02-01 12:08:34

That penis-shaped little monster is so cute!

CelebralPanels responds:

Thanks a lot! Was just trolling through your art @ deviant art. I have been trying to learn to draw them digitally with a stile thats quite like yours but i really can't get the hang of it! Don't really know if i choose the wrong brushes or resolution or if I'm just not good enough with the pen yet.... Anyways i like your style, simple and clean!